Water heater:

Installing the New Water Heater by our services,

Place your new water heater for easy hook up of the piping.  If it is a gas water heater be sure the heater is located for easy alignment of the vent piping.

Lf it is a gas water heater, install the heater's new draft hood. Many have legs that insert into holes on the heater's top. Gas water heaters needs proper venting.

The vent pipe should be no smaller than the draft hood collar of the new heater.  Inspect the old vent pipe. If it is corroded replace it with new pipe. The vent should go straight up as far as possible. Then any horizontal run should slope upward at least 1/4 inch per foot.sevicestoilet

Connect the vent pipe with short sheet metal screws. The easiest way to connect the hot and cold water lines to the water heater is to use copper flex-connectors. Flex-connectors are easily bent to reach where you wish.